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Friday, October 6, 2006


BenonBenon 2016/05/12 03:04 Oh. NO. We don’t play well enough with others to put up with Granny. You two are saints! (Though, I’m acting all brave writing this, I think I would have reacted much the same as you, sans the giggling). David, on the other ha8e0#n23&;ydah, he would have charmed her into seeing things our way. Thanks for the hysterical post! -VeronicaThe GypsyNesters recently posted..

BetseyBetsey 2016/05/13 02:32 <a href="">di;nb&spt:Tu</a> les as tous testés ? C’est joli, mais est ce que c’est bon ? J’ai un doute pour les cupcakes, pour les cakepops aussi, en fait il n’y a que les donuts qui me tentent :)

LilianLilian 2016/05/15 01:23 Tom, I've always wondered about this likeability question. Millward Brown seem to be very big on it. But surely one sometimes wants to create feelings other than just likeability, e.g. disgust <a href="">(aios-imtknng),</a> or trust (insurance).


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