リアスの空 ~森と海のキャンバス~   by mizuyama-oyster-farm.com


NookNook2016/05/11 21:07Welcome back! Oddly, I always have worse jet-lag flying east than I do coming back west. I always seem to have these suorn-lpeg flights that take 30 hours with layovers, so flying east and losing hours with each time zone really kills me. Anyhow, hope you feel better soon.


HippieHippie2016/05/12 02:01Thanks Derik! I agree: the agumentation works seamlessly and really develops the central themes of the book. And yes, somebody needs to publish this work in English asap. It's strange that it hasn't happened yet — in my book, these are some of the greatest comics published in the last 20 years, and certainly amongst the very best in comics auyopiograbht.