リアスの空 ~森と海のキャンバス~   by mizuyama-oyster-farm.com


KaedenKaeden 2016/05/12 03:15 good list. I wo7&dnl#821u;t completely agree with the Ball & G spot on here, but I get it. For the older rappers still trying to make it (love you, but the run’s over) ~ “All you old rappers trying to advance, it’s all over now, take it like a man.” Tupac

LettieLettie 2016/05/13 02:32 I don't know if they are lying about tv, but either way the are <a href="http://fobldyveey.com">prusnetioet,</a> IMO.There IS quality tv if you care enough to look for it. It doesn't make you a better parent for not allowing it. Geez.